The Perfect House Extension – Conservatories

While for a regular house extension, you may need a planning permit, and it could be really inconvenient and costly to have holes made in your walls or entire walls removed.

You won’t need to make so much effort in terms of money or just cleaning the mess, if acquiring Conservatories. While, usually, Conservatories have a separate entrance, this does not mean it has to be so.

If you specify, on the contrary, that you want direct access from your house. In this way, you may get in just one day a turnkey room, adding vital space to your house area.

Conservatories Style

ConservatoriesThe most important feature in this context would be its adaptability. If for now you just need another room for your children to play or study or for you to relax or indulge in your hobbies, you don’t have to include a shower room, kitchenette or toilet in the design.

But this does not mean that you couldn’t have them later, when you decide to have your garden studio placed farther in your garden or yard, with a separate entrance, for serving different purposes: a guest house, a summer house or an office.

Its main bonus is, therefore, that it is not ‘stable’ like your house, but it may be moved any time, like a trailer, having, however, the same facilities as a regular residence, just that on a smaller scale.

Either as a house extension properly speaking, or as a separate building with a separate entrance, Conservatories, unlike your house, are brighter structure due to its large windows on all sides. As such, they are more ‘opened’ to nature, more like a natural element among others.

Again unlike your house, its functions may be easily changed, with small costs and little time involved. What is today a study room may become tomorrow an artist’s studio or the day after tomorrow a gym.

But like your house, this garden building is resistant, so don’t let yourself be fooled by its mobility and versatility or its fast erection for that matter. It may last more than you or your house, going through all kinds of transformations as to its function or placement, without being, however, in the least affected.

For all these practical reasons, it’s your perfect house extension.

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Conservatories are the Perfect House Extension