How Garden Rooms Can Promote Holistic Living

It’s clear when life is out of balance in my house. Tempers flare, concentration suffers, blame blasts around chaotically. Ultimately, health suffers and stress claims another victory.

I know that having a secret little bolt-hole to regularly escape to can realign that fine equilibrium and ensure that life is well rounded and balanced. Let me show you how garden rooms contribute to holistic living.

3 different Garden Rooms Designs

Garden rooms embody all the benefits the garden has to offer simply by way of their position. My oldest friend has a garden room, his experience actually prompted me to invest in one myself. He reads, listens to the radio and exercises in his bright, airy, vaulted room. More to the point, he found a better quality of life through having it.

If holistic living is the ideal, he thinks he’s pretty close and attributes his characteristic calmness to having a little private space in his garden. Not only for the physical room it provides but for the psychological separation it enjoys from other attachments. Somewhere removed from life, home, and work where he can just be.

I also have an aunt who works from her garden room. Even though she uses it as a daily office, she savors the same peace and serenity from the setting and the separation.

She spends her lunchtime feeding the birds on her deck or chatting to her neighbor but most enjoys the proximity to nature, her views of wildlife and plants through the glazed wall, and the brief walk there and back from her house.

Health and well-being are multi-faceted and multi-dependent. The complexity of holistic living can be affected by genetics, experience, society, circumstances, actions and reactions. As intimately complicated beings, there is no one solution to make us all happy, healthy, calm individuals. The best we can do is assist ourselves and each other in pursuit of a good life.

By giving ourselves a little personal space, our happiness and tranquility can become infectious and positively affect those around us. In this way, I intend to help by positively recommending the garden room – as a tool for life and an investment in holistic living. See more here: UPVC Porches | How Much to Have a Porch Fitted?

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