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Fly Fishing in the Peak District

About an acre in size, our fly fishing lake is ideal for beginners learning to fly fish - or more experienced anglers wanting to polish "rusty" fly fishing technique before tackling Derbyshire’s renowned trout fishing rivers and reservoirs.

Trout streams such as the river Dove made famous in Isaac Walton’s book, The Complete Angler, are only about a mile from Peak District Spa. The river Manifold, a few miles away, was also a favourite of Walton and his fly fishing companion Charles Cotton. Stretches of these rivers are accessible today using the fly fishing passport scheme – click fly fishing passport for more information.

The Derbyshire Derwent and Wye also offer fantastic fly fishing for trout – even possible in the stunning surroundings of the Chatsworth House estate.

Our trout lake is also be favoured by anglers who do not like fly fishing from boats (either due to cost or an aversion to being afloat) and by those who simply want a good chance of catching fish. Unlike larger waters where choice of tactics and location is often crucial to success, our smaller water habitually yields full bags for fly fishermen with a modicum of skill – even raw beginners. However, whilst casting is relatively easy and the evening rise prolific, the clarity of the water still requires stealth and reasonable fly presentation - the perfect introduction to the fly fishing skills required to explore the areas superb fly fishing waters.




Fishing is available all year.

Half Day: £9 (2 Fish Limit).

Full Day:  £17 (4 Fish Limit).

Free parking about 400 metres from the lake in a secure car park.

If you would like to keep up to date on progress and receive more details please sign up to our fishing mailing list.

Fly fishing in the Peak District Healthy trout caught in our fly fishing lake in Derbyshire
Trout lake in Peak District, Derbyshire All year round fly fishing in Derbyshire



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