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Terms & Conditions

Rivendale Caravan Park Terms And Conditions

  1. A contract exists as soon as we have issued a confirmation and the signatory becomes liable for the total fees. A deposit of £50 must be received by us to secure your booking (multiple bookings require a deposit of £50 per pitch). The balance of all bookings must be paid 28 days before the start of your holiday. If the balance is not paid in time we are entitled to cancel the holiday and retain your deposit. Deposits and balances are only refunded where:- We are unable to provide the booked holiday and have had to cancel before the holiday is due to start AND the cause of the cancellation was something that could be foreseen and was within our control. Unforeseeable events beyond our control include (but are not limited to) terrorism, war, natural disaster, fire, disease, government quarantine, interruption of utilities, extreme weather conditions etc. We recommend you arrange insurance to protect against loss.
  2. Liability is only accepted where guests suffer injury or loss as a result of our negligence. BRING A TORCH we have low lighting levels so you can enjoy the night sky. WEAR SENSIBLE FOOTWEAR Rivendale is an elevated, natural location with uneven rocky surfaces, often icy or snow-bound in winter. Your party must be covered for personal and vehicle third party liability. All vehicles must have current MOT and conform to the Road Traffic Act. The Highway Code applies on the site.
  3. Pitches are available from 2.00pm. Please arrive between 2 and 5.00pm on your first day if possible. If this is not the case, please advise our staff. If we have not heard from you within 24 hours of your expected arrival, we will reserve the right to re-let your pitch. Departure is 12 noon, any extension of stay must be checked out with the warden by 11.00 a.m and payment made. Pitch number and directions to it will be confirmed on arrival, if in doubt please check with our staff as guests on the wrong pitch WILL be required to move.
  4. The size of your unit including awnings etc must be stipulated at the time of booking and adhered to, otherwise we cannot guarantee to provide a pitch of adequate size.
  5. Dogs welcome in most areas of the park but there are STRICTLY dog-free zones in the interests of health, safety and guests who are not dog lovers. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times. Dog owners are asked in the interests of child safety and the amenity of the other guests to ensure dog mess is kept off the park. Equipment and disposal points are provided across the park; please ensure you make use of these. The management reserves the right to refuse large dogs of a frightening nature.
  6. For the sake of other guests, no noise after 10.30 p.m. - radios etc are unwelcome at any time if played in the open or so loudly they can be heard by neighbours. Please keep noise to a minimum before 9.00 a.m.
  7. Cyclists to ride with care and concern for everyone. Cycling is only allowed on the roads, NOT between pitches
  8. Children under 6 years old must be accompanied by an adults at all time in the park and within the buildings. Parts of the park are hazardous by virtue of their steepness, possibility of rock falls or because building works are in progress. These areas are identified by warning notices. No liability is accepted for visitors entering these areas or allowing other members of their party to do so deliberately or neglectfully.
  9. Unrelated mixed groups and all-male and all-female groups in excess of four persons are accepted only by prior arrangement with full declaration of their status. The Park Management reserves the rights to cancel or terminate a holiday booked where a group has failed to disclose all material facts as required on the booking form or where we receive information that the persons are likely to breach the park rules. We may also require any person breaking the park rules or creating a nuisance to leave the park. In those circumstances the company shall not be under any liability to the persons involved and shall be discharged from further performance of its obligations.
  10. Loss or damage for which any occupier of the pitch is responsible must be paid for in full before departure.
  11. Disposal points are provided for Biodegradable chemical cassettes free of charge. Please ensure you arrive on site with your cassette or holding tank flushed out of non-biodegradable chemicals. N.B. we stock some biodegradable sanitisers at favourable prices on site. ONLY water from the point marked POTABLE is suitable for drinking.
  12. Open fires are prohibited anywhere on the park. Barbeques are allowed provided they are contained so as not to allow hot ash to fall onto the ground, do not endanger property and are away from combustible material. In the event guests discover a fire, they should follow the procedure described at the fire points. Emergency telephones are inside Laundry and Reception.
  13. Only grass friendly groundsheets to be used on site. Cutting trees and other vegetation is criminal damage and strictly prohibited, please do not tie ropes or drive nails into trees and shrubs.
  14. Please note the electricity supply is 16 amps 240 volts.
  15. Removal or caravans/motorhomes/tents (defined as 'units' for this clause). Units left on pitch beyond the period booked will be charged at the current daily pitch rate. They may be taken off pitch and immobilised pending settlement of any accounts. The removal charge is £10, storage off pitch is £5 per day. Removals in these circumstances are carried out at the owner's risk. Also, we are not liable for damage to immobilisng equipment or units, where it is incurred restoring mobility to a unit.
  16. Free and chargeable events - Each year a number of events are staged free of charge or for an entrance fee for the benefit of seasonal and touring customers. No warranty is implied that sufficient tickets or room are guaranteed for every person on site at such events. Tickets are issued on a first come, first served basis from Reception against full payment. The cafe, bar, lounge and other facilities are open at different times throughout the year. Seasonal pitch holders and static van owners do not have access to chargeable events on site unless they have a purchased a ticket.
  17. You undertake not to bring onto the park hazardous substances, weapons or drugs, not to commit acts of vandalism, nuisance or other criminal activity. Also that you will not carry on any trade or business whilst on the park and will not bring lorries and other commercial vehicles onto site. No recreational vehicles such as scooters may be used on site without prior consent.
  18. Water service pipes on fully-services pitches are insulated and provided with an isolation valve. However, we do not warrant that they will remain unfrozen during periods of cold weather. Clients booking fully services pitches accept this risk. Refunds will not be given where freezing occurs.


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