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Walks, Hikes and Cycle Ways in the Peak District


Camping ViewPeak District walking offers a huge variety of walks within a close vicinity to one another and walkers  can choose their routes to suite their own style and variations - two distinct types of walks present themselves however; scenic and wildlife – which surprisingly follows from the underlying type of rock.

The Dark Peak is defined by the darker gritstone – from which the National Park’s gritstone mill wheel logo is derived. The gritstone is acidic and allows heathers, bilberries and other acid-loving plants to thrive – along with the insects and animals that feed on them.

By contrast, the White Peak around Dove Dale is a whiteish grey limestone which is alkaline and soluble – giving rise to spectacular caves, pinnacles, gorges and underground water courses.

The following walks start and finish where the Tissington Trail crosses the turn off from the A515 towards Biggin. This is the ideal location to access Eaton, Biggin, Alsop, Wolfscote, Beresford and Mill Dales, the Tissington Trail and, via the footpaths in them, Dove Dale and The High Peak Trail. 

Walks from Rivendale are suited to those staying on site, or those stopping by at The Stables Cafe and wanting to use the provided car park for the duration of their walk. Guests staying on site can use a hard copy of the maps shown below, supplied from reception.

Rolling fields of the Peak DistrictWalkers not staying on site, but looking for somewhere to park up and walk in Derbyshire, follow circular walks, or walk in Dovedale and the surrounding areas, are free to use The Stables Cafe Car Park for the entire day if they stop by the Cafe, spending the minimal parking cost of £4 (seen commonly in the local area) - instead of paying for parking else where, park for free in our Cafe car park when you purchase a Coffee and Cake and feel like you're actually getting something for your money! 

If you would like to do quite a bit of walking, why not stay in our accommodation. We have a wide variety available to suit all, from our luxurious Peak District bed and breakfast to our camping site, pods and yurts, lodges and more!

Recommended Walk of the Month:



Recommended walk of the month takes you directly from The Stables Cafe -> Alsop-en-le-Dale > Also Station > Return


For a more detailed step-by-step walk through with a map that you can print off, click here.

Please Note: These maps are supplied as a FREE ROUGH GUIDE. Although every effort has been made to ensure their accuracy, we accept no responsibility for incorrect usage or unforeseen errors or dangers.

Looking towards Alsop DaleTissington TrailAlsop

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1. Cold Eaton –> Wolfscote Dale –>Biggin-> Return Rivendale
2. Rivendale ->Wolfscote Dale->Mill Dale->Dove Dale-> Thorpe-> Tissington-> Return to Rivendale


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3. Rivendale->Alsop-en-le-Dale-> Alsop Station-> Return to Rivendale
4. Rivendale-> Eaton Dale-> Parwich-> Alsop Dale-> Tissington->Alsop Station->Return to Rivendale


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5. Rivendale->Tissington Trail-> Hanson Grange-> Nabs dale->Hall Dale->Stanshope->Alstonefield->Cold Eaton Bridge_> Return Rivendale
6. BESST Heritage Walk Route 8


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