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Walk 1.

Cold Eaton –> Wolfscote Dale –>Biggin-> Return Rivendale.

Cold Eaton Dale
Cold Eaton Dale

Approximate Duration: 3-4 Hours

Difficulty: Fair

Walk 1 Map Overview 

Taking about 3 1/2 hours, this is a fairly easy walk with some rough going that follows the river Dove through its spectacular gorge into either Biggin or Hartington (where there are some pubs) before returning on the Tissington Trail with some panoramic views.

Beginning in the lay-by or at Rivendale, take care crossing the A515, go under the Tissington Trail until you see a fingerboard indicating the footpath down to Coldeaton on the LHS before the old barn. As you drop down the dale the scenery becomes increasingly dramatic until you reach the river Dove. Turn right following the river Dove up Wolfscote Dale along an easy path beneath frowning crags and woodland past the footbridge as far as the junction of Biggin and Wolfscote Dale.

Mill Dale
Mill Dale near Iron Tors

This is a dramatic setting beneath the rocky pinnacles of Drabber Tor and the cliffs at the end of Wolfscote Hill.

Now comes choice – follow the river up Wolfscote & Beresford Dales and add several miles to the walk – or turn right up Biggin Dale following the path as far as the road junction. 
Keep left for Beresford Dale & Hartington or bear right up Biggin Dale for a shorter walk via Biggin village.
Biggin Dale
Biggin Dale at its Junction with Wolfscote Dale

Go straight ahead towards the Waterloo Pub, continuing on until where the Tissington Trail crosses over the lane. Ascend up onto the trail heading south towards Ashbourne (right from the perspective of the lane). The Trail affords panoramic views over the surrounding countryside. Continue south until you see the old quarry working on the RHS. Where the Tissington Trail crosses the Biggin road there is a ramp that exits the trail. Take care crossing the A515 to return to Rivendale or the lay-by.

Walk 2.

Rivendale ->Wolfscote Dale->Mill Dale->Dove Dale-> Thorpe-> Tissington-> Return to Rivendale

Approximate Duration: 6.5 Hours to a full day.

Difficulty: Easy

Walk 2 Map Overview

B&B DerbyshireA long walk but along relatively good going taking in some of the finest scenery of the Peak District along the river Dove with the possibility of refreshment along the way or just off the route! Allow a full day to include refreshment & enjoy the walk. Very good in autumn when the leaves change colour - or winter when it is icy, and a wonderland of hoar frost and icicles materialises.

Park up in Rivendale caravan park car park, making sure you buy a ticket from reception – or alternatively, park in the lay by. Take care crossing the A515 onto the Biggin road. Go under the Tissington Trail bridge & find the footpath down to Wolfscote Dale on the LHS. Continue down the footpath to the river Dove.
Turn left and follow the footpath by the river downstream, after several miles you will come to a road bridge with an attractive stone building on the opposite side – which is the old Lode Mill. Cross over the bridge and turn left at the opposite side – continuing to follow the path downstream. There is the option at this point of a slight detour up Lode Lane to Alstonefield with the attractions of food & drink in The George or alternatively there is the Watts Russell arms at Hope Dale if we continue to follow the river- side footpath to Mill Dale and then bear right up the lane from Mill Dale into Hope Dale.



Tissington Trail Bridge Dove holes Autumn mist
Tissington Trail Bridge Near Rivendale  Dove Holes  Autumn Mist lying in Mill Dale

Having succumbed (or not) to temptation retrace your steps to the river-side path and follow the footpath (which switches river banks) downstream. The path is an easy wide limestone trail with crags to either side.
After a while you will encounter two large scours carved into the limestone on the left, known as Dove Holes. The trail then passes through Dove Dale with woods either side and various spectacular spires, cliffs and caves until you come to The Stepping Stones overlooked by Bunster Hill & Thorpe Cloud.

If you are still bursting with energy feel free to climb Thorpe Cloud! If not, bear left, following the small stream that occasionally runs, up Lin Dale.

Lin Dale Near Thorpe Cloud

View of the Stepping Stones from Lin dale

If you have not already succumbed to a deviation for refreshment, now comes another chance – by either going into the Peveril of the Peak Hotel – which the footpath runs past – or bearing right after the hotel and then left up the lane to the Dog & Partridge Pub. 

Lode Mill
Lode Mill

If you go to the D & P, when you come out of the front door, turn left and then go straight ahead at the junction on the bend up Spend Lane. After about 500 metres you will find a public footpath on the RHS – which gets you back on course.

If you stayed on the path and ignored the pub (well done!) continue until the footpath meets a lane (Spend Lane) and turn left onto it. After a short stretch find the footpath on the RHS and follow it up to Washbrook Lane. Follow Washbrook lane up to the A515 and cross the road with care through Tissington gates and down the Avenue into Tissington.

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