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Walk 3

Walk 3 Rivendale->Alsop-en-le-Dale-> Alsop Station-> Return to Rivendale

Approximate Duration: 3 Hours

Difficulty: Easy with an occasional climb

Walk 3 Map Overview


A short walk of around 2 ½ hours offering some lovely views of Alsop Dale, a chance to see the ancient village church and some fine views from the trail. Note there is a steep scramble up a grassy bank from the village to the Tissington Trail.

Short breaks Derbyshire

Starting from Rivendale’s car park near the reception buildings, walk back towards the main road but go through the field gate on your left into their camping meadow. Cross the meadow bearing left to the lower side towards the cottages and the dale to the south. There is a path down onto the private road over which there is a public footpath. Alternatively, find the private road at the end of the lay-by. Note there is NO public access for motor vehicles along this road and only car park ticket holders and residents may access the field at Rivendale.


Short breaks DerbyshireFollow the private road a few metres past the cottages and find a public footpath on the RHS which crosses several fields through squeeze stiles and “over the wall” stiles and heads roughly to the left of a copse of trees crowning a hill to the south west.

Having crested the ridge a hundred metres or so to the left of the copse of trees you will find yourself with a panoramic view of Alsop-en-le-Dale village.

Bear left towards the dry stone wall and follow it down the hill to the farm at the bottom. Follow the footpath down to the lane and turn right. Follow the lane to the church which is of early 12th Century Norman origin and worth a quick look. Exit the church and continue down the lane in the same direction and find a footpath and stile on the left. Cross the stile and follow the footpath up the steep bank to the Tissington Trail. Turn right onto the trail heading north and continue a mile or so until you come to the bridge crossing the Biggin turn.
Descend down the ramp and turn right onto the Biggin road. Cross the A515 carefully and return to Rivendale’s car park or turn right down the road to the lay-by.

Walk 4

Rivendale-> Eaton Dale-> Parwich-> Alsop Dale-> Tissington->Alsop Station->Return to Rivendale

Approximate Duration: 4-5 Hours

Difficulty: Easy with an occasional climb

Walk 4 Map Overview

A mid-length walk roughly one third of which is on the hard-paved Tissington Trail, the other two thirds being across fields with a steep climb up a grassy bank.

From Rivendale car park turn left over the wooden stile and follow the grassy path through the stone-squeeze stiles towards Hawkslow farm buildings continue past the farm until you reach the lane, turn left down the road into Parwich. This is a very picturesque village with a pub – The Sycamore – and church. At various times the village has well-dressings and a wake. Bear slightly right toward the duck pond where on your right you will find a public footpath which leads over Bletch Brook up a grassy bank past Shaw’s Farm and onto the Tissington Trail. Turn left along the Trail into Tissington, continuing past the Duck pond and turning right towards the Hall. The Coach House may be open offering coffee & snacks. Following your pit stop, continue up the lane to the far end of Tissington Hall find on the opposite side of the road a lane which takes you back towards Shaw’s farm and onto the Tissington Trail. Turn left onto the trail and head north past Alsop Station continuing until where the incline on the right leads to the layby or the bridge over the Biggin road if you are parked at Rivendale. Descend the ramp onto the Biggin road, turn right under the bridge and carefully cross the A515 into Rivendale.



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