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Walk 5

Rivendale->Tissington Trail-> Hanson Grange-> Nabs dale->Hall Dale->Stanshope->Alstonefield->Cold Eaton Bridge_> Return Rivendale

Approximate Duration: 4-5 Hours

Difficulty: Moderate - a mix of easy and some harder footpaths

B&B Peak District - Walk 5

Walk 5 Map Overview


A long walk with some steep descents and hills over a mixture of hard paved trails, fields and hills amidst dramatic scenery - with an opportunity for much-needed refreshment en-route.

From Rivendale car park carefully cross the A515 under the Tissington Trail and take the ramp left up onto the trail. Turn right at the top of the ramp heading south along the trail. At Alsop Station enter the car park and continue through it carefully crossing the A515 to the stone stile in the wall. Follow the signed public footpath over the field through another stone squeezer stile then up the farm track bearing left at the bungalows.
Continue straight on at the top where the tracks meet and bear left off the track to a stile in the wall as you approach Hanson grange farm. Keep to the left of the buildings but drop gradually right to a stile by a gateway. Just beyond this you turn right down to another stile/gate, quickly entering Nabs Dale – which in turn opens out dramatically into Dovedale.

B&B Peak DistrictIf you are tiring and want to cut this walk short – now is the time to do that – simply turn right & follow the river Dove as far as Iron Torrs – where you will see a steep sided, dry valley off to your right. Follow the valley up past Cold Eaton and you will find yourself a few 100 metres from where you first accessed the Tissington Trail from the Biggin road.

If you are up for more, turn left and follow the path downstream, passing Dove Holes – two vortex holes carved in the limestone by the river when it was at a higher level. Continues as far as Ilam rock and take the footbridge over the river, turning right and heading UPSTREAM. Immediately after passing through a stile in the wall, turn left and follow the path up Hall Dale, then through a gated stile, followed quickly by a stone stile. Ahead you can see the bulk of Stanshope Hall. After 3 more stiles you come to a crossroads where you turn right along a narrow lane.B&B Peak District

Continue down the hill, cross the road and pass through a stile, following the wall which angles uphill. Follow the wall to the left and uphill, through the gate at the top and keep alongside the wall on your left until you reach a stile next to a gate. Then follow the track into Alstonefield where you will find a welcome opportunity for refreshment in The George pub.

Suitably refreshed, turn left out of the front door of the pub and walk a short distance until the junction with Millway Lane, turn left and shortly after right into Lode Lane. After a short stretch down Lode Lane find a stony farm road on the left, follow this down to where it crosses another farm track and turn right onto that track.

B&B Peak DistrictFollow the track – which turns into a footpath to the top edge of Wolfscote Dale. Take great care as the footpath plunges down a steep grassy bank to the river. To the left are cliffs of Drabber Tor & Peaseland Rocks.

Cross Cold Eaton Bridge and turn left on the far bank following the river Dove upstream until you find Biggin Dale opening out to the right. Turn right up Biggin Dale and follow the long stony path up the dale round to the right (ignoring the left fork) until you meet the Biggin road. Turn left and then immediately right onto a footpath which leads to a sharp bend on the lane, as you meet the road turn right on the bend and find the footpath on your RHS a few metres further on. Continue until the path meets another path and turn right onto it. Follow the path a few hundred metres as far as the Tissington Trail. Turn right on the trail and follow it a few kilometres until you find your starting point opposite Rivendale Caravan Park.

Walk 6

BEST Heritage Walk Route 8.

This heritage walk takes you from the beautiful village of Hartington to Pilsbury Castle – one of the best examples of a motte & bailey castle in Derbyshire – thought to have been built by Henry de Ferrars who fought for William the Conqueror at Hastings and was given the Hartington estate as his reward. The walk itself is 7.5 miles (12km) as described on the visitpeakdistrict web site.

A very pleasant extension to the walk would be to walk to Hartington from Rivendale via Cold Eaton & Beresford Dale, returning via the High Peak & Tissington Trail direct to Rivendale. However, this would add about 10km to the walk, so the alternative of driving to Hartington village car park will be preferred by people with less appetite for a long walk.

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