For Those Garden Lovers – The Garden Studio

If you have a large garden and you arranged it with utmost care, not only by tending to plants, but also by creating stone alleys, little pools or springs, in other words, making from it your ‘botanical garden’ as you call it.

Then maybe you could take advantage of the view in other ways than peripatetic ones, namely by just sitting at the window of a garden studio placed in the best spot, enabling you to take your garden in entirely and simultaneously – water, greenery, the sky and your swing and favorite bench.

Besides this visualization advantage, a garden studio could be used as a place where to keep your gardening paraphernalia.

loggia garden studioSomewhere to escape from the heat and rain alike and where to shower and rest after your exertions as a dedicated gardener.

If you have a passion for plants, you don’t have to be a professional gardener for generations, like the one employed by Troy, Charlotte’s first husband in ‘The Sex and the City’, in order to grow, for instance, the tallest, reddest and most fragrant roses.

Further, the continuity this space would make possible is also worth taking into account. After your long meditative walks, making you feel peaceful and contended, what better place for a coda than this sunny, airy and bright room?

It’s like sipping a coffee after smelling the aroma and feeling the warmth of the cup and contemplating its dark color and its elusive vapors.

In this room, you could, in short, stop your wandering thoughts and give them a coherent form and an overall meaning.

Walking may be good for thinking, but not for observation, or, from your post at the window wide open, you could notice the secret minute lives of birds and insects, their ‘social’ life, their working, eating or loving.

This would allow you to experience and know in detail your garden life, your garden not being some still life, a simple beautiful picture with flowers and trees, but a universe in itself.

While his friend embarked on a long journey to far-away places, a French author could afford only a humble but richer trip around his garden, following which he wrote a whole book about the lives of its flowers, insects and trees – as diverse and meaningful as any human lives spent in exotic places. In short, if you truly love your garden, buy a garden office and start exploring!

You will see then that what you can’t discern with your naked eye while walking you can observe when remaining still and empathizing.

The Garden Studio is Ideal for Many Reasons